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You Should Buy – Dre Murro / Mel Alston Jr. / Deshaude / Ya Boy N.O.I.S / JayODell

Whatup, whatup everybody welcome to the first episode of “You should buy.” This is the show that hooks you up with high quality hidden gems and all sorts of hot music selected by our program directors and listeners. This week we have 5 delicious R&B tracks from 5 very different musicians. So I’m just gonna get done with the whole intro ting and get right into our first artist. His name is Dre Murro, he’s reppin Connecticut and his song “rooms” made our list first of all because it just sounds great… Secondly it’s authentic… The lyrical content is easily relatable if you’ve ever been in a relationship that just kept you coming back… Well, you can feel this. Listen for yourself.

Rooms and other hot songs are available on Dre Murro’s iTunes page. The link is available in the description below. So when you’re done watching this video make sure you go and buy rooms and whatever other music you like from Dre Murro.

Mel Alston Jr.:
Next up is Mel Alston Jr. Now I suggest you head over to his band camp page and download his whole album “Movie Muzik: A Cinema For The Blind” but if you can’t afford all of that right now, one song off of the album that we really liked was “Purple”

Mel Alston is obviously a seasoned soulful musician so you can rest assured his whole album is going to be consistent in regards to quality but also an unpredictable exploration of a fresh new take on classic soul music. You should definitely buy “Movie Muzik: A Cinema for the Blind” or “Purple” by Mel Alston Jr.

How many guys do you know that will say “Yeah I’m really feeling you girl… but let’s slow down.” Well that’s exactly what DeShaude says in his single “Can’t Rush Love” Now those chivalrous lyrics are not the reason why Deshaude made the list…. This is

His vocals are hot, the production is hot… Lyrics, concept… It’s all there. So if you like R&B why not download Can’t Rush Love by DeShaude right now?

Now Ya Boy N.O.I.S. (No Obstacles In Sight) Is as far as we know a rapper. But his track featuring Zeke Dillinger & Kenji Chan should be nominated as the official laid back summer joint. It has a classic summer feel.

Ya Boy N.O.I.S. has a whole bunch of great songs on his iTunes page so I suggest you go check them out.

Jay Odell ft. DY-Verse brings us another smooth track for the summer called “My Vibe.” Boastfully flaunting that Tampa Sound. Jay Odell’s My Vibe comes in its original form as well as Tampa slowed. Jay O’Dell is definitely an artist you want keep an eye on… Or ear on? Orr whatever… You know what I mean. Check out “My Vibe”

My Vibe is available on iTunes accompanied by a couple other tracks from Jay Odell. Go check ‘em out and start filling that shopping cart up. But before you do… make sure you subscribe, follow and share RevUp Radio on your preferred choice of social media… YouTube, Facebook, Twitter… whatever it is.

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