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Who The F*** Is This? – Kehlani

You ever just chilling doing your thing… minding your own business then BAM you hear this song and you’re like “Who the Beep is this?!!!”

Well that’s what happened to me the first time I heard Kehlani. No joke… Her mixtape “YSBH” (You Should Be Here) is taking over the internet and has been referred to by many critics as an Album. Sound familiar? Who was the musician whose first mixtape was considered by many to be album quality? Drake… Yeah well a few people are saying she’s the next drake… Well as flattering as that may sound I think Kehlani is not the next anyone she seems to me like the first of her kind. A refreshing taste of reality in a world that tends to favor illusions. Being quoted as saying: “All the flashiness brings confusion” and realizing that at such an early stage in her career, Kehlani seems to have a firm grip on what it will take to live up to the high expectations that her first album… Ohh sorry “mixtape” has set for her.

Her honesty and willingness to say what she wants how she wants is what makes her music so irresistible, lust worthy… audibly orgasmic… speaking of which… Check out first position… (How’s that for a Segway?)

See what I’m talking about? What can we say about Kehlani? We fucks wit her cuz she’s loyal. Loyal to herself loyal to her sound loyal her fans.

Every once in a while we stumble upon a musician that connects with us on such an intimate level we feel like we’ve known them all of our lives. In her music and in her interviews Kehlani embraces us like a really gifted BFF. Saying all the shit we wanted to say but just didn’t know how.

It’s obvious she’s on a level and if u asked me I’d say her best is yet to come.

With a new mixtape that feels like a feature album, a natural commitment to keeping it real and a label like Atlantic supporting her upcoming music. I can’t wait to hear her album.



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