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Kees Music Review

What do you do when it’s 2:30 in the morning, you can’t sleep, and don’t want to do homework?

Well if you’re Kees you find a staircase on your campus with crazy acoustics and belt out a power ballad while everyone else is trying to sleep… It’s just common sense.
I’ve only heard a few songs from Kees. So far she has submitted two songs via our campaign with ReverbNation… but I got hooked on “Come Alive” and decided to listen to the other song she submitted “Stars Collide” I gotta say I think I made a deeper connection with Stars Collide they’re both great songs.. I got hooked on Come Alive first… I’m just wondering why she hasn’t made a video for Stars Collide yet?

I’m gonna go out on a limb and say it’s probably because she’s too busy with school and she’s got sooo many opportunities and projects on the come up… Ain’t nobody got time fo that. Well Kees if you ever hear, read or watch this I’m personally requesting that you make a music video for stars collide…. whenever you get the time.

Now… I’m old school I come from the days when good music spoke for itself and people didn’t rely on likes or view counts to decide whether something was hot or not. After doing some research it was easy for me to see that Kees isn’t the kind of artist that focuses on her social media presence and as sad as that is for all the potential listeners and fans she could have reached I kinda like that. I like the fact that Kees lets her music speak for itself. She doesn’t sing about getting turnt up at the club or the sexy shape of her body or what 90% of all other pop stars sing about. Kees has songs entitled “The love of a Mother” and “hour glass” she also has a song entitled “All Night Long” which could be mistaken for another typical pop song about getting crunked and partying all night long. But instead Kees Creates a deep, touching, love filled ballad dedicated to her quite unquote other half and everybody else who came into her life and brought out sides of her that she had previously kept to herself.

Well, I just wanted to remind you guys what music was meant for. No… not fame or fortune… but for sharing. Sharing how you feel, what wanted to say but just didn’t know how… Music is for sharing moments whether it be a dance or a cry or even getting elbowed in the teeth by a fellow mosh pitter.  Music is meant for sharing & I wanted to thank Kees for sharing that little part of her life with us.


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