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“If You Like” Episode 1 – Rihanna / Ashley Skerritt

Looking for the next new Biggie or Tupac? Well musicians like that don’t come along everyday but in this week’s episode of “If you like” We suggest new up and coming artists based on their possibility to appeal to the fan base of some more “well known” artists.

In this first episode we introduce fans of Rihanna to St. Lucian Songstress Ashley Skerritt.

Now I know what you’re thinking… Those are some big shoes to fill! Figuratively not literally I aint tryin to Say Rihanna’s got no big feet or nothing, but you know what I mean. Rihanna is a Billboard topping artist famous for her Caribbean infused music. Well put fame and fortune aside Ashley Skerritt is second to none… Don’t believe me? Check out “Without You” by Ashley Skerritt.

If that hasn’t got you convinced yet check out one of our favorites… “Restart” Produced by YogiDaProducer.

Okay… So now that I’ve made my point don’t forget to checkout Ashley’s SoundCloud and YouTube pages. Subscribe follow and all of that good stuff. Remember you’re in luck! You don’t have to wait until everyone in the world knows who Ashley Skerritt is. You can listen now!!!

We’re going to leave you with a track that features Ashley Skerritt and another amazing artist that goes by the name of Kayo Guevarra. The song is Called “Perfect.” Check it out!!!

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