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D-Pryde – Plan A Mixtape Review

When you think of rappers I’m sure a Filipino from Canada is not the first thing that comes to mind. From my perspective our stereotypical preconceptions of what a rapper should look and sound like have done more to take away from hip hop than contribute to it. 4 Realz (I thought some readers might think that sentence was too brainy for a Hip Hop review so I added in some Ebonics to keep their attention.) Now that I’ve got it I have to say D-Pryde brings to “mainstream” Hip Hop what it has been missing for years.

D-Pryde delivers an emotional buffet served with smooth vocals, hard punchlines and dope delivery, but what appealed to me more than the quality and diversity of the Plan-A mix-tape was the honesty. D-Pryde seems to focus on dealing with the stresses of his everyday life through music and by doing so he shares with us not only his challenges and his success but his personal life stories. Which constantly reminds us he’s not only a musician but a human being.

D-Pryde delivers hard ass bad bwoy tunes like “Adios” which I blast out my whip while speeding down the 401 and stuntin’ on anybody within the range of my sound system. To smooth R&B infused joints like Around My Way. Now if you go on his Twitter or and of his social media I’m sure you will see that his mother just passed away and I haven’t heard a rapper reference his mother as much as D-Pryde since the late Tupac. So I understand he must be going through the realest right now. Which brings me back to why I love his music so much. It’s real… Agree with him or not I feel as though everything he spit on Plan-A was coming from a real place. More rappers need to follow in those footsteps. I’m not going to go into a big rant about the current state of hip hop. If you wanna hear someone rant about that watch a KRS One Video.

What I am going to say is that more rappers need to follow in the footsteps of real musical artists like Ferris Wheel Jay, Peter Jackson and of course D-Pryde. Remember, Hip Hop is an art form of the streets and like with any art your going to have impostors, fakes, rip offs, imitators and bunco artists. D-pryde is none of the above. He is a rap artist and a vocalist expressing himself creatively and most importantly honestly.
I don’t know if he’s still currently signed to BMG but honestly I don’t care. It’s good music so I wanted y’all to know about it…We’re playing it on RevUp Radio and the Plan-A mixtape was produced independently by MARS Management & D-Pryde himself. So that’s independent enough for me.
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