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Justin Vee

  • Miss You

  • Everynight

  • Dear Michelle


Justin Voravongxay,
is an innovative musician who strongly believes that being yourself is what enables you to succeed. His passion to become a recognized musician, and to stay true to his originality drives him to do what he does everyday. Showcasing his craft and pursuing the gift he was given is his life’s work. Working independently and with a team, Justin has produced a variety of songs that can relate to listeners on any level. His lyrics have been written through his own personal experiences and imaginative world. Integrating true emotion and rythmic flow into his lyrics, he allows listeners to have an insight on his unordinary life. Justin sees that everything can be, and is an inspiration that allows him to create vision through sound. The ability to write a song in many genres displays Justin’s versatility and capabilities. Justin has worked very hard to get to where he is today, and it’s only a matter of time before the lyricist is heard. When he’s reached his life-long goal, he can truly say he succeeded.


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