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Blazing onto the scene is a triple threat to the game, Brooklyn born and bred, “Ferris Wheel Jay”. Not only a singer/songwriter and rapper, Ferris is also a producer and has been producing his own tracks alongside his production team, TrakFormaz. His unique, innovative vibe and lyrical style has come easy as his passion has grown over the years.  As a child Ferris was always in his uncle’s basement learning how to make music, understanding and implementing his craft, and taking the opportunity to create his own sound. His uncle, music producer BURN’EMUP, and father Joe “JP” Matias were very influential in the rise and birth of Ferris.  Joe had some experience in the industry by producing for a number of signed artists in the 90’s.   Witnessing the dedication his family made to the craft, Ferris decided to pursue music with the same passion and hunger.  Seeing BURN’EMUP’s growth from creating beats in the basement to producing with the platinum hit making team, Dangerous LLC, further solidified Ferris’s passion for the entertainment industry.  At the age of eleven he began writing songs and hooks; at thirteen he discovered his love for making beats and producing full songs. “You can’t teach creativity,” says Ferris, as he reminisces about the times his father would play his beats for colleagues and they couldn’t believe a thirteen year old was behind them. “If my dad didn’t shop my beats, no one would have believed it was me.”

Ferris’s focus has always been to create positive vibes and stimulating feelings with his music, providing an escape for his fans. “Justin has always had a passion for music and the ability to wear his heart on his sleeve which has guided his artistic style”, says BURN’EMUP. Going against current trends, Ferris does not talk about cars, guns, getting money, hustling or women in a derogatory manner. “It’s just about having fun with it”, says Ferris. The up-tempo beats and playful lyrics showcase Ferris’s ability to create a fun and positive experience while staying relevant to both radio and the streets. Everything wasn’t always “Hip-Pop”, as Ferris likes to describe his music. Most of his childhood was spent at All City Leadership Academy, which is a military middle school ranging from sixth to twelfth grade. The male students were expected to be astute, with short clean cuts and collared shirts and ties. “Most people are surprised at how much of a jokester and a free spirit I am” says Ferris.  The militant background did not stop Ferris from expressing himself artistically. In addition to his music, Ferris also has a passion for acting and has been a part of a myriad of television credits like MTV; FOX 5 News; Ridiculousness and Silent Library as well as doing voice over work for Bravo Media.  He has performed at numerous venues and functions such as the Nuyorican Poets cafe and Americas Next Top Music Producer.  Along with his production partners, BURN’EMUP and KevKeyz, the Trakformaz team offers both signed and unsigned artists’ top-quality industry-standard production services.

Through a team effort with Trakformaz, Om Ayindi at Bravo Media, and Joe “JP” Matias, Ferris is releasing his debut EP entitled “House of Hearts”.
“You have to learn the rules of the game.  And then you have to play better than anyone else”- Albert Einstein

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