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Dre Murro

DeAndre’ “Dre” Moore has been singing since he was two, starting in his church’s youth choir in North Carolina, where he was born. Singing in the church choir really molded his voice into what it is today. His first vocal solo was accompanying his maternal grandmother during her piano recital at the age of six. Dre’ expanded his public singing performances when he was in elementary school, where he participated in every chorus and talent show offered. He believed even then, he was destined for stardom, when he created his own business and autographed cards to hand out to his “fans” during his fifth grade talent show. It was at that talent show, that Dre’ demonstrated that he could also write his on songs, when he performed “Fairytale Feeling”; the first song he received credits for lyrics and vocals as well as co-credit for arrangement and production with his cousin, James Parker. Only receiving one semester of piano lessons at the age of eleven, Dre’ is also a self-taught keyboard player. Dre’ moved to Connecticut at age 9, where he, his younger brother and mother relocated with her employer. While residing in Connecticut, Dre’ showcased his talent in various venues in Connecticut, New York, New Jersey and North Carolina. Dre’ was a team member of a local performance team (JAMZ), where they performed at various venues in Connecticut as well as in Orlando, FL at Disney World and Universal Studios in July 2009. Dre’ also expanded his profession abilities on the stage, as a member of an up and coming musical on Off-Broadway in NYC “Dancing In The Streets”. While performing at the Sugar Bar in New York City owned by Ashford & Simpson (“Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”, “You’re All I Need To Get By”, “Ain’t Nothing Like the Real Thing”), Valerie Simpson told Dre that he was a “very talented young man” and she thinks he has an “incredible music career” ahead of him. Oh and catch this; Dre writes, records and mixes all of his songs in his bedroom. While most teenagers are out at the mall with friends, Dre is most likely in his room perfecting his craft. Now at 19 years old, Dre is more than ready to set the music world on fire. With his new singles “Rooms” & “Don’t Know” currently gaining traction on radio stations worldwide, heads are turning at the mention of this new R&B/Pop star.


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